Architecture by: Sigge Architects

Interior design by: Maija Rasila

Garden design by: Laura Talo and Eva Wuite

Project Manager: Marko Asplund

Our studio is based in the north-east of Poland, where we live close to wild nature. When we found out about the Villa Bosund project, we immediately knew that it was a perfect match. The settings are hauntingly beautiful. It was a great pleasure to work with such a diverse environment.We were inspired by the connection between the modern architecture and the forest. The large window surfaces introduce nature and light into the house. It feels like you can almost touch the trees when you are sitting in your living room. This thought led us from the very beginning.

Custom made vegetation. 

Despite the modern technology, the building blends in perfectly with its settings. We tried to capture this in our visualisations. The view from the sea shows perfectly that there is almost no boundary between the building and the forest. The project required custom-made plant models. We had to get familiar with the local vegetation. We are curious by nature, and that is why we love these kinds of challenges. They are also great opportunities to learn new things.

Nature turned out to be an element of the building. We worked on the finest furniture pieces and carefully selected natural finishes. The overall colour combination and interior details were truly impressive. That is why it was a pleasure to work on the camera compositions. It was hard to select the best views, because they were all special.

If you value the highest quality and you would like to disconnect from the noise of the world, Villa Bosund is the perfect escape.

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